The Office Pal

Project Description

The Office Pal has begun as a small office supplies company in 2003 and has grown to a national supplier to federal, state, local government agencies and educational institutions. Public and private institutions alike found The Office Pal a trusted partner that understands their unique requirements with the ability to accommodate secure online purchasing while complying with the most stringent accounting rules.

As of June 2011 we are the exclusive ink/toner state contractor for the states of Mississippi and South Carolina, maintain contracts with almost every federal government agency, exclusively supply over 60 school districts and 23 local government agencies. With more than 45 distribution centers across the nation we can reach every US address within Two days of placing your order.

Live Preview
  • Website Hosting and Management.

    Highly customized website developed on NopCommerce platform. Responsive Design. Search Engine Optimization Services. Custom Search based on point systems for the keywords. Highly visible site on Google. Custom Promotions and Discounts. Integration with third party accounting application. Technology used MVC, .Net, Ajax, and C#.