Direct Dental Logistics

Project Description

Direct Dental Logistics is a family owned business developed by a practicing dentist to help other dentists gain access to high quality, low cost dental supplies.

My name is Blake Hardin, DDS. As a dentist, who purchased a large practice, I came to struggle with the crushing overhead involved in running a dental office. Even though I had healthy production numbers, my profitability was stagnant and trending lower. Being such a small company, we have a minuscule overhead compared to large companies with thousands of employees. Thus, we can sell products at a much smaller markup. We are able to use hundreds of different suppliers to make sure we get the lowest wholesale prices on bulk purchases in order to pass the savings on to other dentists.

Live Preview
  • Website Hosting and Management

    Custom Ecommerce website built on NopCommerce platform. Implemented custom promotions and discounts. Custom re-order processing.