IT Management

Project Description


Atlantic Federal Credit Union was founded in 1935 and over the years, AFCU has grown from a one-company credit union to one of the larger credit unions in New Jersey with over $270 million in assets.


USC was chosen to provide AFCU with the managament of its IT department, which it has done successfully for the last 20 years. AFCU has a diverse and challenging IT environemnt with its requirements of 24x7 support, security managament, and various business crititcal applications that require continous monitoring and management.


USC is truested by AFCU to provide mission critical support for its IT department. This includes closey working with the IT Managers, support specialists, and third party vendors to ensure a smoothe running of operations with both the infrastructure and business ceritical application with 24x7 access to USC support personnels specializing in supporting this type of environment.

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